Monday, March 11, 2013

CD Review: Good Sponge Records Releases Good Music On New Sampler

Connecticut music label, Good Sponge Records has recently released their second music sampler. It contains 18 songs from some of Southeastern Connecticut’s best musicians. The first sampler was released over a year ago and is a great way to hear some of these musicians that mostly fly under the radar of the modern music industry.
The “Sampler” mixes different sounds and genres so as to not get bored hearing the same mundane type of music. The release begins with the jazzy Sue Menhart Band performing “Sunrise City CafĂ©,” before moving on to the modern alternative rockers, The Rivergods with “When Times Where Good.” Blues artist Josi Davis gets things going with “Ivy Grows” which compliments fellow singer/songwriter Hannah Fair’s acoustic “Hell Tonight.” Funk flies from Carl Franklin on “Boogie Groove” and then the fuzz flies from Matt Gouette’s rocking “Nobody Calls.” Country music gets represented with Ken Atkins & the HonkyTonk Kind on “New Pair Of Shoes” and punk rears its head with the Burnouts From Outer Space’s “Queen of the Angels.”
All the artists on this compilation have, or will be releasing new albums very soon. Also, be sure to check out some of these artists as they perform at this year’s Daffodil Festival in Meriden, CT. For more information on this great sampler and these wonderful artists, please visit

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