Thursday, March 28, 2013

CD Review: Spin Doctors Bring Out The Blues With A Little "Whiskey"

American rock band the Spin Doctors return from an eight year hiatus with their sixth studio album, "If The River Was Whiskey." The album will be release on April 30th through Ruf Records followed by a U.S. tour which kicks off May 2nd in Virginia Beach.

After achieving instant stardom with their debut album, "Pocket Full of Krptonite" the Spin Doctors have been trying to recapture that magic and I believe this album hits the nail on the head. Instead of trying to create another pop album, this time the Spin Doctors brought out their blues on this raw, electrifying album.

Beginning with the drum role of Aaron Comess on the opening track "Some Other Man Instead," their sound becomes almost instantaneous with the iconic vocals of Chris Barron. While there may not be a hit pop single on this album like in years past, every song carries that energy of hearing the songs performed live. The Doctors get a little Jimi Hendrix swagger with "Traction Blues," but its guitarist Eric Shenkman that does the talking on "Scotch And Water Blues." The band is running on all cylinders on "About A Train" led by the bass groove of Mark White. The album finishes up with the deep south blues of "So Bad" and the more upbeat "What My Love?" with its signature blues backdrop. 

This is the album that Spin Doctors' fans have been waiting for the band to make as their true sound and talents come shining through. This album will be great when the boys play live, including a stop at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on May 10. For more information on the new album, please visit

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