Friday, March 15, 2013

CD Review: New Themed Albums From Blake Allee And Joe Devita

From Indiana comes hip-hop rapper/producer Blake Allee with his new album entitled “Television.” It was produced and self-released by Allee at the end of February. The album features 15 tracks that feature Blake rolling out lyrics over big beats. Songs like “Headlights” and “Model” have a very attractive hip-hop sound that can easily catch on. Blake gets into his synthesizer warmed-up for “Japanese TV” and “Synthesizer Inside Her,” before closing the album with the creative sounds of “Silent Film Star” and the instrumental, orchestrated “End Credits.”

Blake Allee has a show scheduled for March 15 in Indianapolis. For more information, please check out his website at

From New York comes the experimental, progressive jazz musician Joe Devita with his latest album, “The Antihero.” The album will be released on April 29th through Daddy Tank Records and tells the tale of a superhero down on his luck.

One of the greatest things about DeVita’s music is his ability to take chances with his music. The “Antihero Theme Song” is a funk-drench instrumental that has some nice guitar work flowing through it. The album draws similarities to Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage” as DeVita proceeds to tell his story, but the beats and guitar work in “Open Mic Night” and “Infiltrating Snuff Boy’s Chicken House” become the bigger focus of the album. His progressive jazz/rock side some through on the 11-minute “The Populace Takes Over,” before closing the album with more great music.

To find out more on Joe Devita and his new album, “The Antihero,” please visit

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