Monday, April 29, 2013

CD Review: Independent Singer/Songwriters Who's Masquerade and Kye Alfred Hillig Shine With New Music

From Canada comes indie-folk artist Who's Masquerade with his self-titled debut album. The album was release back in March and carries a very interesting sound, unlike anything that you would hear today. The music on this release is mainly instrumental with spoken word dialect sprinkled here and there.

According to the artist, the album is "simply a story I wanted to be told." The twelve song album is made up of epic, acoustic pieces pushing past the six-minute mark ("In Love With A Stranger" and "Death's Best Friend") and short musical interludes to keep the emotional flow of the album. At times it sounds like confusing folk music as in "Predictions" and the lyrics lay in the background, while the music leads the way. His influences come shining through on "Colossal Youth, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2," as a repetitive strumming guitar makes you concentrate on the words spoken and the story told. He rocks on the aggressive "Afterlove" before closing the album with the gentle sounds of "Rose Petals."

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Also, from just south of the Canadian border comes Tacoma, WA singer/songwriter Kye Alfred Hillig with his latest album "Together Through It All." This is Hillig's second solo album which was released back in February. After writing, recording and releasing eighteen full-length albums (with four other bands) he was recently asked what still inspires him to write music and he responded "the continual investigation of difficult subject matter."

This fourteen song album has a very polished, full band sound with guest musicians helping out on the instrumentation. The songs "Together Through It All," "You & Me & Time" and "About To Get Robbed" all sound like hits singles waiting to be discovered as Hillig has a comforting sound that fits perfectly with the folk revival going on with mainstream radio. He expands from his folk sound with the alternative rock of "Free The Birds" and "Life As A Rat," but his strength lies in his gentle folk-style storytelling as in "Oar The Shore" and "Lighthouse Man." Hillig's voice demands your attention in the album closer "Does My Soul Still Sing?"

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