Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CD Review: Indie-Rock Comes Pouring Out Of Chicago

Chicago has become the hotbed for new indie-rock music and these three new releases are out to prove that fact correct.

First up is the indie-pop/rockers The Steak House Mints with their sophomore release, “Love Songs For Prostitutes.” Their songs are very contagious as they tap into that 60’s rock vibe on the album’s opening track “Hi Ya.” They have managed to capture that raw, garage rock sound and polish it up to give it that pop appeal as in “Don’t Mess With Me” and “What Are The Chances?” They bring is some horns for the ska/punk sound of “The Diplomat Hotel” then turn on their appeal for the jazzy “The Great Mustachio.” The album closes with the slow 60s waltz of “Tattoo” and the seven-and-a-half journey of “Please Come Again.”

For more information on The Steak House Mints, please visit thesteakhousemints.com.

Next up from the Chicago underground music scene is the country blues of Safe Haven with their latest release “Sermon For No One.” The band’s sound fits in perfectly with today’s folk/Americana music Giants Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Their album starts off with the big blues rock sound of “So Long (The Hercamo Flash Story)” and “I Steal,” before settling into their more acoustic appeal. Songs like “Leave Me Where I Want To Be” and “Never Change” come off as sing-alongs on the front porch before closing the album with the fast-paced country rock of “Eternal Farm.”

For more information on Safe Haven, please visit safehavenchicago.com.

Last up we get a sample of some new music from Oblio and Arrow with their new three-song EP, “Summer Triangle.” The music on this new release is indie-pop with a bit of edginess to their sound. Songs like “Crows Song” and “One Feeds The Other” carries that upbeat appeal, but the moody “It Was Intoxicating” is what stands out from the other two with a slow, progressive rock sound. 

For more information on Oblio And Arrow, please visit olioandarrow.com.

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