Friday, May 17, 2013

CD Review: Ape Machine Gets "Mangled" While Trucker Diablo Hits The "Iron"

Brand new music is being released from hard rock groups, Ape Machine and Trucker Diablo. Ape Machine’s newest release is a concept album entitled “Mangled By The Machine.” The ten-song album has a great classic hard rock sound that exploded in the mid-seventies.

The album begins with the build-up of “Gun You Down” as the drumbeats build up the adrenaline until the chorus kicks in. Heavy guitar riffs blaze the way in “Tyrant’s Arm,” while a deep metal groove powers “Angry Man.” Ape Machine just jams on "Mangled By Machine" as their music carries the song to it's rising climax. The album closes with a string of songs that give the band a heavy, progressive rock sound, similar to Wolfmother and Mastadon.

Ape Machine are beginning a tour of Europe at the end of the month. For more information, please visit

For Trucker Diablo, 2012 was a break-out year. They had a hit single with "Drink Beer, Destroy," they performed live along side Anthrax, Foo Fighters and Thin Lizzy and are now preparing to release their brand new album entitled "Songs of Iron."

The album starts off strong with the heavy southern rockers, "Red Light On" and "Year Of The Truck" as the band's aggressiveness is what motors the song high energy. Trucker Diablo's music is very dynamic as they display that classic late-eighties metal sound as heard in "The Rebel," then switch gears for the southern rock of "Drive." The great guitar riffs of "Lie To Me" and "Rock Hallelujah" are just a memorable as the chorus. The album finishes up with the chugging of "Shame On You" and the guitar-blazing "I Wanna Party With You."

Trucker Diablo has a load of live dates on their schedule. Make to to visit for more information.

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