Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CD Review: A Couple Of Indie-Rock Groups On The Rise

From Pennslyvania, comes the debut album from the underground supergroup Stardog Champion which is made up of members of the ashes of the bands Breaking Benjamin, Lifer and The Drama Club. The members are responsible for selling a combined 4 millions albums and are looking to begin their climb again to the top.
The album, "Exhale" contains five-songs that can all be considered rock radio staples. Songs like "Nothing To Lose" and "When We Fall" have choruses that become memorable after only a few listens. Their music has that hard rock edge without taking away the mainstream pop element. The build-up of "House of Cards" has that kick during the chorus that rocks hard and ruff as the guitars blaze a path of destruction. The album closes with a more alternative rock sound as they smooth over their hard rock edges for a more radio-friendly sound.
Stardog Champion's new album "Exhale" was released on April 23rd. To find out more about rock's newest indie-rock band, please visit
Los Angeles hard rock band Madlife have just released their latest EP entitled "21st Century Megalomaniac" through their own Madlife Music label. The 5 songs on this album show a band that have their finger on the pulse of popular metal music. The first single, "Live And Die In Hollywood" combine the dirty street rock made famous by the Sunset Strip and the electronics of Nu Metal to create a modern metal masterpiece that gets the adrenaline pumping. The follow-up single, "Just One Gun" is an aggressive, in-your-face rocker that is looking for an innocent soul to take a hold of and make sinful. Madlife fully encorporate the electronics into their music for the passionate "Pain of Pleasure" and in the dark tones of the album closer, "Still Alive."
Madlife have one show on the schedule at the moment on June 21st at The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA. For more information on the band's new album, "21st Century Megalomaniac," please visit

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