Sunday, May 5, 2013

CD Review: The Del-Lords Introduce You Into The "Elvis Club"

From New York comes the return of the Del-Lords with their first album of new material in over two decades. The new album entitled "Elvis Club" finds the band in fine form, which makes you wonder what took them so long to make a new album. During the eighties the Del-Lords created true rock 'n' roll albums at a time when the idea of music became synthesized. Now the band looks to reclaim that glory with these twelve new tracks that show a four-piece band that just plays great old-fashion rock music.
The album begins with the upbeat "When The Drugs Kick In" as they pull off a classic rock vibe with a repetative chorus that has you singing along after only a couple listens. They quicken the pace with the acoustic/electric strumming of "Chicks, Man!," before settling in with the Tom Petty-vibe of "Flying." The Del-Lords slow down for the acoustic ballad "All Of My Life," but their strengths lie in their classic rock approach as heard in "Everyday." The song was also co-written by rock 'n' roll legend Dion as it carries that jukebox sound. Their guitars are on fire for the "Me And The Lord Blues," before slowing back down for "Letter (Unmailed)." The album closes with the six-minute guitar shuffle of "Southern Pacific."
The new album will be available on May 14th through GB Music and the band has one show booked at the moment at The Bowery Electric in New York City on June 27. For more information on The Del-Lords and their new album "Elvis Club," please visit

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