Thursday, May 16, 2013

CD Review: European Indie-Artists, Slim Loris And My Woshin Mashin, Import New Music

From Sweden comes the Americana/pop duo Slim Loris with their sophomore album “Future Echoes and Past Replays.” The album begins with a sixties pop vibe in “Fear of Flying” as they draw you in with their light, up-tempo appeal. Slim Loris showcase their wonderful songwriting on “Head On The Floor” and the beauty in their harmonizing on “While I Breathe.” The band fully encaptures the feel of the Americana genre in “Visions of Tomorrow” and “Clean As A Whistle” as the storied lyrics get carried along with a simple, but very effective melody. The album finishes up with the gentle, acoustic stroll of “October In White.”

Slim Loris’ new album “Future Echoes and Past Replays” will be released on May 19. They have one shows scheduled at the moment in their home country of Sweden, but look for more dates to be announced soon. For more information, please visit

Also out is the new album “Evil Must Die” from the German electronic/dance/pop group My Woshin Mashin. The twelve tracks that make up the new release show a maturity in the band’s presentation of their music. Beginning with “Riders On The Storm,” you hit the dance-floor with this catchy pop/techo beat. My Woshin Mashin get a little more experimental with their sound on “Hobo Rap,” while “They Live” fits perfectly in a horror movie with its dark tone. They hit the mainstream pop bullseye with “Hero” as the music and lyrics have that perfect combination. The duo slow down the tempo for “Babylon 4,” before pumping the beats back up with “Vodka.” The album closes with another mainstream pop song, “Bradbury” as the duo may have found their break-out hits.

To find out more about My Woshin Mashin, please visit

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