Thursday, May 2, 2013

CD Review: Indie-Music Artists Come Together For "Save The Amanda" Cause

Some of the best independent music artists from across the U.S. have come together to raise money for friend and fellow musician Amanda McCabe. The two volume release entitled, "Save The Amanda" was released back in April to help raise money to benefit Amanda's medical treatments for scoliosis. After many years of dealing with the disease, Amanda is optimistic with this new treatment taking place at the Mayo Clinic Spine Center in Jacksonville, FL.

All of the artists on these two compilations are friends with Amanda and have contributed rare, b-sides, live and unreleased music to help with the cause. The feel and tempo of these 42-songs are all over the place beginning with the quiet folk rock of Mike Sempert ("Oceans of Rock and Roll"), then switching to the surf guitar of Farallons ("Yile Nile/Sea Urchin"). The one common thread is that all of these songs were given to this release for a good cause.

The great thing about compilations like these, besides the cause, is the discovery of bands that you may have passed over at you local record shop. "Volume 1" is held together by the almost 9-minute live version of "Furnace of Fortune; Eaves" by Tartufi and the eerie vocals of Finn Riggins in the alternative rocker "Arrow."

"Volume 2" starts off with the heartfelt trot of John Gutenberger's "Will I Be There For You?" and the gentle sounds of Sonya Cotton's "Under Snow." While "Volume 1" seems more like the experimental part, "Volume 2" as a set of solid songs including the alternative rocker "Virginia" by Like Pioneers and the country sound of Houses of Light's "The Duke." The album closes with the close to six-minute "climate remix" instrumental of Volcanic Legacy's "Arctic Flowers."

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