Friday, May 3, 2013

CD Review: Indie-Rock Bands Find Solace With In Music We Trust Records

From the Northwest corner of the U.S. comes new music from Foreign Talks, The Quick & Easy Boys and Louisiana-based Super Water Sympathy. Each of these bands are looking to break through as Foreign Talks is releasing their self-titled debut, while Super Water Sympathy has been invited to take part in this summer’s Vans’ Warped Tour.

The Quick & Easy Boys are celebrating their third release, “Make It Easy” with a two-month tour which kicks off on May 8 in Applegate, OR. The band’s sound blends aspects of funk with rock to create a “poor man’s Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

The album begins with the band locking in to a funk groove with “Hey Hey Hey.” Their sound echoes that of Jimi Hendrix’s latter day experimental phase as he combined jazz, rock and funk to create a new psychedelic sound. Jimmy Russell’s vocals range from the gentle highs of “Without You” to the shout out loud vocals of the rocking “Trace Kincaid.” The Quick & Easy Boys add  R&B flavor to their sound on “Make It Easy,” before returning to the garage rock of “Let Me Get Down.” The album finishes up with the bluesy “A Little Hell.”

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Next, we have newcomers Foreign Talks with their self-titled debut album on Expunged Records. Their overall sound is acoustic pop that should have no problem catching the attention of mainstream radio.

The album begins with “Denial” as the band walks the fine line of Sublime’s west coast beach sound and 311’s hip-hop rock, which is heard in “Santa Cruz.” While there a moments of greatness (“NW Wonka” and “Stay The Same”) there are also moments of meritocracy (“Hello” and “Save Your Energy”). Let’s remember the group is still new and they have a solid foundation to work off of for their next album.

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From Shreveport, LA comes the alternative rock band Super Water Sympathy with their break-through album, “Hydrogen Child.” The album was released back in April and earned them a spot on this summer’s Van’s Warp Tour alongside such band’s as Allstar Weekend, Goldfinger, Outasight and Reel Big Fish. This is the band’s second release and aims in a more pop/rock direction than their debut album, “Vesper Belle.”

The album begins with the most aggressive sounding song on the album as “Uh Oh!” shows an edginess to the band’s writing. Their music features a more pop-friendly sound with “Purple Poppies” and “Sunday School Dress” as lead singer Ansley Hughes wins you over with her innocent vocals. Ansley also shows how strong her voice is in big sounding “Shadow” and the up-tempo rocker “Pistol.” The album finishes up with the meaningful piano ballad “Magnolia Parade.”

Super Water Sympathy are wrapping up their headlining tour at the beginning of July before jumping on the Van’s Warped Tour. For a complete list of live dates, please visit

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