Saturday, May 18, 2013

DVD Review: Iron Maiden Finally Get "Maiden England" Out On DVD

Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden pleased long-time fans with the release of their new DVD "Maiden England '88." It is a re-release of their long, out-of-print concert video "Maiden England" with three bonus songs not on the original release. Plus, it also includes a second disc full of goodies, including of two documentaries and five promo videos.
The concert video was recorded live at Birminham NEC on November 27th and 28th, 1988 in support of the band's highly successful album "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son." The footage was directed and edited by Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris. The video was originally released in 1989 on VHS, then re-released in 1994 on VHS with a bonus CD. Harris stated that this concert was filmed from the fan's perspective with most of the shots coming from the angle of the crowd and not really on stage with the band.
In 2007, it was mentioned that the film was being cleaned up for a DVD release in 2008 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the shows. It was later delayed until 2013, being released by Universal Music on March 26 as a 2 DVD set, which hit #1 on the Billboard video chart. While the first disc covers the entire concert, the second disc has the goods that fans have been waiting for. Included on the second disc is part 3 of "The History of Iron Maiden" which features new interviews with the band as they discuss the making of the albums "Somewhere In Time" and "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son." Also included is another out-of-print video entitled "12 Wasted Years" which documents the beginning of the band with tons of live footage and archival interviews with members of the band. To round out the disc are the 5 promotional music videos for the songs "Wasted Years," "Stranger In A Strange Land," "Can I Play With Madness," "The Evil That Men Do" and "The Clairvoyant."
Even though the concert was not filmed in high-definition (hence no Blu-ray release) the footage still looks and sounds amazing, especially for being 25 years old. The other great thing is how the film was cut together. Too many concert videos today have camera shots that jump all over the place, while this one has camera shots that stick to one angle for more that a few seconds. Also released was a 2 CD set of the show which also includes the songs, "Can I Play With Madness," "Hallowed Be Thy Name," "Run To The Hills," "Running Free" and "Sanctuary" which were left off the original CD release back in 1994.
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