Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CD Review: Avidya & The Kleshas Release First Album Of "Series"

From Brooklyn, NY comes the improve jazz band Avidya & the Kleshas with their debut album “Tree of Series.” The album will be available on June 4 through a very successful Kickstarter campaign and has received early praise from MTV Hive and Impose magazine.

The 11-song album starts off with some smooth jazz as you are introduced to the comforting vocals of Avidya as her voice soars during “Mother and God.” They combine the worlds of jazz and folk on “This I Know Nothing,” then get a groove going on “Here Are The Apples” as Avidya shows us some Amy Winehouse attitude with her vocal delivery.  The band steps it up as they shows glimpses of rock music on “Babies Grow Up,” but the mellow “Body of Lead” allows Avidya’s vocals to move more freely. The album closes with the gentle piano-led “Being.”

Avidya & the Kleshas have a couple of dates on their calendar (June 5 in New York City, June 28 in Brooklyn). To find out more from this new underground band, please visit avidyaandthekleshas.com.

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