Monday, June 24, 2013

CD Review: Indie-Artists Pouring Their Heart And Soul Into New EPs

Singer/songwriter Jennifer Paige, known for the 1998 pop hit“Crush,” is teaming up with fellow singer/songwriter Coury Palermo to release their debut EP, “Stay.” The seven-song album combines their songwriting talents to create some fresh pop music with a deeper meaning. The two take turns with the lyrics on the opening song “Against The World” which has a little retro-eighties feel. Their music comes together on the power pop ballad “Save Me” as you can feel the passion within the lyrics. Their music takes on a more club appeal with “Walk Slow,” before returning to the duo’s strength of the love glossed lyrics of “Belong.” The album closes with the highlight of the album, the acoustic country sounding “For You.”
To find out more from this new pop duo, please visit their Facebook page at

Another fellow singer/songwriter, Natalie Gelman recently released her new EP entitled “Streetlight Musician.” Starting out as an opera singer, she began writing her own songs, to which she would perform on subway platforms for strangers to get an idea of how effective her songs were. The new six-song album begins with “Laugh So Hard You Cry” as she combines her focus on meaningful pop songs that allow her to stretch her strong vocals. Her acoustic folk-style songwriting shines in “The Lion,” while her heart and soul is poured into “Most The While.” The album closes with the up-tempo, acoustic rock of “One More Thing,” which shows a little edginess to her music.
Natalie Gelman is currently performing in New York and Washington D.C., but will be spending the summer out in California with shows running until mid-August. For more information, please visit

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