Saturday, June 8, 2013

CD Review: Kobra And The Lotus Release One Of Heavy Metal's Hottest Debut Albums Of The Year

From Canada comes Kobra And The Lotus, one of the hottest, new power metal bands to emerge over the last few years. Their debut album was released back in April and they just completed a three month headlining tour of the U.S. The band also have their own television show, "Rock City" premiering on Spike TV this coming fall.
The album begins with "50 Shades of Evil" as the duel guitar attack of Jasio Kulaskowski and Charlie Parra del Riego show off their heavy metal prowess as they try to keep up with the rhythm section of Griffin Kissack on drums and Pete Dimov on bass. As the music continues to blow you away, the voice of Kobra Paige is what draws you in on "Welcome To My Funeral." Kobra And The Lotus are beginning to gather their troops on the metal march of "Forever One," before the outstanding strong vocals of Paige turn all listeners into fans with "My Life." The band slow things down for a quick moment at the beginning of "Sanctuary," then quickly pick up the pace to close the album with the head-banging of "No Rest For The Wicked" and the epic sounding finish of "Aria Of Kamika."
Kobra And The Lotus released their self-titled debut album through the Universal Music Group in association with Gene Simmons' Simmons Records and T-Boy Records. For more information on this new rising metal band, please visit their website at

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