Thursday, June 20, 2013

CD Review: New Albums From Singer/Songwriters Joshua Worden And Tomas Doncker

Independent singer/songwriter/guitarist Joshua Worden recently released his latest full-length album entitled “Always This.” The album was written, produced an almost entirely performed by Worden, with some slight help from Will Montgomery on drums.

The album has a very mellow, relaxed R&B sound as heard in the opening tracks “Marrow” and “The Road.” The beats are slow as Worden’s soft, smooth vocals put your mind at ease as in “Midnight” and “The Skies Glowed.” The tone begins to get a little repetitive with “Embers” and “The Turning Quiet” is a great starting point that needs some more adjustments to make it stand-out. The album closes with “The Line,” which ads a welcomed hip-hop rap from blxtxt to break the songs constant mellow tone.

Joshua Worden has a few shows lined-up in August, down in the Florida/Georgia area. To find out more about Joshua, please visit his website at

Another independent singer/songwriter/guitarist Tomas Doncker gathered his band together to pay tribute to blues legend Howlin’ Wolf with a new six-song EP. Doncker has performed session work of the years with music icons Meshell Ndegeocello, Yoko Ono, Bonnie Raitt, Ivan Neville and Corey Glover (Living Colour) just to name a handful. The EP is just a taste of the musical love story created by the original compositions of Howlin’ Wolf along with original composition by Doncker and is called “Diablo Love.” The live musical will make its debut at the NYC SummerStage in August, but for now we get the outstanding craftsmanship of the “Howlin’ Wolf EP.”

The album is made up of five Howlin’ Wolf songs including “Spoonful,” which was made famous by the band Cream in the late-sixties. Doncker’s voice gives the songs an authentic sound with his ruff, gravelly vocals. Also included are some lesser known blues classic like “Evil” and “Blind Melon Morpheus.” Tomas adds one of his originals, “Shook Down” in the middle of the mix that sounds as if it belonged as part of Howlin’s Wolf’s catalog. The album finishes up with a blazing version of “Smokestack Lightning” and the pure blues romp of “Back Door Man.”

To find out more on Tomas Doncker and his new album “The Tomas Doncker Band’s Howlin’ Wolf EP,” please visit

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