Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CD Review: New Music Arises From Some Underground Musicians

New underground music acts are beginning to rise to the surface, from the eighties punk-style of The Diemakers to the experimentation of Richard Tyler Epperson. The latest releases from artists belonging to The Rainmaker Media Group. All have a unique sound that is ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Beginning with the duo of TJ Runnells and Nick Midulla, 2 The Nines have an acoustic, earthly sound that is beginning to take hold of modern rock radio. They display their passion of creating music in their delivery of songs like “Catch A Cold” and “Take Me Home.” They add a little Spanish flair on the album’s title song, “Oblivion,” before moving on to Jason Mraz-type lyrical delivery of “Cemetery Wedding.” The most mainstream song on this album is the acoustic pop of “Best Friends” as they hit the right chords for a radio hit single.

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Next up are a couple of great new EPs from Matthias Sturm and The Diemakers. Both have that nostalgic feel as Sturm’s album ventures into the alternative rock of the late-eighties/early nineties, while The Diemakers bring out the garage rock/punk sounds of the seventies.

Mattias Sturm mixes up his sound on “Luna Park,” beginning with the Bowiesque “1947 (Pandora Out The Box,” which leads into the ghostly sounds of “All Beauty Must Die.” The EP closes with the English pop of “Kingdom (Built On Sand)” and the Floydian keyboard driven “If The Devil Comes.”

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Now The Diemakers come right out of the gate with the new wave punk of “Way” as the band gets their edge from the early days of punk like in the vocals of “Take It Away.” The tempo change in “All The Plans We Make” gives the song a chance to breathe as the band put their best efforts into this possible single. They return to the Ramones-style punk of “Things,” before closing with the reckless, garage rock of “Gotta Go.”

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Last up is one of the most interesting and attractive albums to be released this year, “Falling Between The Stars” from Richard Tyler Epperson. His voice on the opener, “At Your Door” is so calm and soothing that you almost miss all that’s going on in the background with the music. The synthesizer fueled “Awake” and the gentle acoustics of “Stars” show-off both sides to Epperson’s songwriting. He continues with the rawness of “Sick,” the feel-good pop of “We’re Alright” and the country traveling sounds of “Drive.” The album closes with the slow blues waltz of “You And I.”

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