Thursday, June 6, 2013

CD Review: New Music From Female Artists Holly Elle And Chantilly

From Nashville, TN comes the Canadian classically trained Holly Elle with her latest EP, “Leopardess.” Her passion lies in the U.S. pop music market as she combines her background of operatic singing with the mainstream beats of today’s music charts to create a powerfully addictive sound to move your body to.

The five-song EP kicks off with the club beats of “Predator” as Holly’s voice demands your attention. She is “Seeing Red” as the beats pump to her unforgettable chorus. The album’s current single, “Who I Am” pays tribute to her current city that she calls home, Nashville. The song has very contagious beat as Holly Elle wants you to accept her for who she is.

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From Brooklyn, NY comes singer/songwriter Chantilly with her latest release, “Up To The Moon.” Her voice is very soft and sweet as in the opening song, “Escape." The striking music gives the song a bigger impact. Chantilly's voice opens up on “What You Do To Me” as she shows the full range of her vocal ability. The five-song EP closes with the gentle acoustics of “Don’t Wanna Wait” as you fully absorb Chantilly’s sound.

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