Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CD Review: One Less Reason Lay Out Their "Blueprint" And Sir O Writes 3-Song EP For "Someone"

Independent rock band, One Less Reason released their latest EP, “A Blueprint For Writhing” back in December and has continued to raise money for the Sandy Relief Fund with the release of the album’s single, “Uneasy.” The song has helped raise over $7,000 for the cause and the band couldn’t be happier with the ability to help those in need.
This six-song album follows on the heels of their break-through hit album, 2010’s “Faces & Four Letter Words." The band continue with their hard rock approach as in “All Beauty Fades” and “Million Miles.” The album also includes a couple guest vocalists. The aggressive, edgy song “Never Let You Go” includes some screaming vocals from Anthony Basurto and the heartfelt piano ballad “Uneasy” gets a big boost from Blair Simpson vocals to help flesh out the song’s gentle tone. The EP closes with the seven-minute “Blueprints.”
To find out more about One Less Reason, please visit their website at
From across the pond comes U.K. singer/songwriter Sir. O with his latest 3-song EP, “Someone You’re Thinking Of.” His acoustic/pop/rock shines on the title song, while he seems to be holding back and playing it safe on “Stay.” The album closes with the most mainstream song, the wonderfully written“Three Words.”
Sir. O has a few live shows lined up in London over the next couple months. For more information on Sir. O, please visit

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