Thursday, June 13, 2013

CD Review: Supersuckers Leader Goes For "The Value Of Nothing"

Eddie Spaghetti, lead singer/bassist for punk/rock/country band Supersuckers, is preparing to release his second solo album, “The Value of Nothing” on June 18 through Bloodshot Records. The Supersuckers were a band that always had fun with their music and Spaghetti continues that type of humor on some of his latest music.

The ten song album touches upon all of Eddie Spaghetti’s musical genres, beginning with the lead single “The Value of Nothing,” a song that Johnny Cash would be proud of with its dark overtones and aggressive classic country feel. He moves over to rock on “Empty,” before return to the honky tonk, slide-guitar of “Waste of Time.” Spaghetti reflects on his life through one of the few serious songs on the album, “You Get To Be My Age,” then returns with the fun, sarcastic “People Are Shit.” He closes the album with the appropriately titled, acoustic, campfire sing-along “When I Go I’m Gone.”

Eddie Spaghetti has half a dozen shows scheduled along the west coast. For more information on his new album, please visit

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