Thursday, June 27, 2013

CD Review: These Hearts Want To Join With "Yours"

From the far reaches of Fargo, ND comes the hardcore punk/metal band These Hearts with their latest release, “Yours To Take” on Victory Records. This is the band’s second full-length album and features a heavier sound than their previous release. These Hearts are out to prove that harmonies in punk music do not make it sound any less aggressive or more pop.
The eleven-song release blasts through with the opening track, “This Is Love” as These Hearts get a little help from Bert Poncet (Chunk! No Captain Chunk!) on the deep growling vocals. They keep the hardcore vocal attack going with “The Inconvenience,” then show off their harmonizing against the backdrop of hard rock in “Psycho” and “Miserable.” These Hearts go full-on punk on the inspirational “Been Through Hell” and still show their pop-punk aspects in “Birds Of A Feather.” The aggression returns with “War” which features the vocals of Christian metal front man Mattie Montgomery from the band, For Today. The album closes with the gentle acoustic beginning of “Never Mind Me” as the band’s vocals are allowed to breathe on this potential radio rock hit.
These Hearts have a handful of shows in July. To find out more about These Hearts, please visit

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