Friday, June 28, 2013

CD Review: Tributes, Drummers And Seventies Rock Highlight New Albums

From Portland, OR comes Kenny Feinstein with his debut solo album, “Loveless: Hurts To Love.” Feinstein is the front man for the west coast based punk band Water Tower and has decided to pay tribute to the My Bloody Valentine’s classic 1991 album, “Loveless.” It is one of Feinstein’s favorite albums and is recreating the music with an unlikely batch of instruments including the dobro, fiddle and dulcimer.

Right from the opening song, “Only Shallow” you realize that Feinstein it showing another side to the My Bloody Valentine album. His vocals are haunting at times, while the music follows a very roots/Americana approach to the alternative rock of the original. The album’s lead single, “Loomer”sounds as if these basic wooden instruments make the perfect backdrop to the song’s dark lyrics. The gentle acoustics of “When You Sleep” makes it sound like a folk classic. Kenny Feinstein does an outstanding job getting to the root of the song, by stripping away all the excess to show the song’s pure existence as with “Sometimes” and “What You Want.” The album closes with “Swallow,” which did not appear on the original album, but instead was released on an EP prior to the release of “Loveless.”

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Next up is the latest release from The Decemberists’ John Moen with his second solo album, “Revise Your Maps.” Moen has worked with a number of musicians, including Stephen Malkmus, Elliott Smith and Robert Pollard, plus his full-time job as drummer/harmonist in The Decemberists. This album really shows off Moen’s falsetto voice without isolating fans from the music they are used to him performing with The Decembrists.

The album starts off with the familiar Americana sounds of “Birds Off A Wire” as Moen’s vocals soar above the music to give the song a lighter sound. The song “Willamette Valley Ballad” brings in some stellar slide guitar to give the song a more country feel. Moen brings all his strong elements together for the retro-rocking sounds of “Ramble Scramble,” before heading back to the country/folk melody of “Revise Your Maps.” Moen gives his music a sixties pop sound with the harmonizing on “True Sparrow” and “Find Me,” before returning to more familiar territory with the Americana sounding “Sill (Mt. Zero).” The album closes with the smooth vocals of John Moen just floating along the mellow backdrop of “Lightlow Nightowl.”

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From Nashville, TN comes the five-piece rock band The Lonely H with a new self-titled album. Their music has that seventies, FM-radio sound made famous by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and The Eagles. Also guesting on the album is Rolling Stones’ saxophonist Bobby Keys.

The album wastes no time getting up to speed with a couple of rockers, “Try Again” and “Runaway” as you’d think you were listening to a classic rock radio station. The Lonely H bring in that California rock sound made famous by Jackson Browne on “Waiting on a Broken Heart.” The band gets a little funky on “Light Burn Out,” then taps the country rock vibe of “Head In The Clouds.” The album closes with the island vibe of “Highway Heart” as the band shows off their stellar harmonizing.

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