Thursday, July 18, 2013

CD Review: The Chewers Make You "Chuckle" With Their New Music

From West Virginia comes the underground musical duo of Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, better known as The Chewers. Their latest release, “Chuckle Change And Also” gathers 22 musical ideas that are very interesting to listen to, but at times, sound like they do not all belong together on the same album. Most of the songs hardly break the two-minute mark and have a very rough, undeveloped sound, but have the potential to become something decent with more input. Their music can be described as “off-kilter,” drawing comparisons to alternative band Ween.

The album is broken up into three segments, “Now,” “Later” and “Past.” The farther out the sound, the more interesting the music like with “Burn It Down” and “A Part Machine.” The dark gallop of “Smiling Samuel” is one of the more complete songs that has the potential to become very interesting. The spoken lyrics and the slow jaunt of “Tornado of Stasis” is the only song that pushes past the six-minute mark. The album closes with a simple sound experiment that gives the most emotional feeling of abandonment with “Went Away.”

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