Saturday, July 13, 2013

CD Review: From New York Comes A Couple Singer/Songwriters With New Music To Enjoy

From New York City come the soulful sounds of Hadiza with her latest release, the six-song EP entitled “Chapter 4.” She is looking to take the emotion and energy of her live shows and inject it into her latest studio effort. The bluesy beginning of “All Come Back” shows off Hadiza’s pure vocal talents as she slithers her way around the jazzy music backdrop. Then she throws a curveball with the aggressive, in-your-face rock of “Off The Grid,” which sounds as if Hadiza had the most fun recording. Her mainstream appeal shines on “Too Long,” before closing the album with a couple of sultry, seductive songs, (“The Other Voice” and “Break Through”) which allow her really show off her vocal talents.

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Also from the streets of New York City comes singer/songwriter Nina Yasmineh with her latest EP entitled “Seven Years.” The album was written, performed and produced entirely by Nina and showcases her vocal and musical talents. The lead song, “Seven Years” has a little influence from Florence + The Machine, which gets carried through to the entire album. The song “Name” slow builds as Nina adds little elements to enhance the music supporting her vocals. The album closes with the dark, mellow heartbeat of “Hurricane Drops” as Nina’s voice is the main focus of the track.

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