Monday, July 1, 2013

CD Review: New Albums From Battlecross And Hidden Masters Heat Up Summer Releases

Metal Blade Records is setting the summer ablaze with a couple of new releases from hardcore metal band Battlecross and the mind-bending psychedelic rock of Hidden Masters.

The new album from Battlecross (“War of Will”) is ten songs of pure adrenaline pumping power that will blow you away. Right from the opening song, “Force Fed Lies,” the guitars are blazing and the drumming is on overdrive. The vocal delivery of Kyle “Gumby” Gunther is an all-out attack on your ears with his screaming/growling vocals. He keeps the energy on full blast in “Never Coming Back” and “Ghost Alive.” The band stretches out on “Wage A War” with some slight tempo changes, but quickly returns to the machine-gun drumming and buzzsaw guitars of the album closer “Never-Ending Night.”

Battlecross will be out on tour this summer as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival which runs until the beginning of August. To find out more about Battlecross and their new album “War of Will,” please visit

Now on the flipside to Battlecross’ hardcore, in-your-face-metal attack is the smooth, sixties, psychedelic rock of Hidden Masters. Their debut release, “If This & Other Worlds,” will see the light of day on August 6. The musical trio of David Addison, Alasdair C. Mitchell and John Nicol has created something truly special with their mind-tripping, time machine of sound.

Right from the opening song, “She Broke The Clock of the Long Now,” you’d think you’ve gone back in time to the swinging sixties when bands like The Zombies and Strawberry Alarm Clock ruled the charts. Their three and four minute pieces of music are each a journey of their own, like the tempo changes of “Perfume” and the quick heaviness of “Nobody Knows That We’re Here.” The song “See You In The Dark” sounds like a hit single from the sixties that have finally found its way to the singles chart. Hidden Masters show off their wonderful harmonizing on “Last Days Of The Sun,” before closing the album with the album’s most rock-oriented song, “Fall In Line.”

To find out more about Hidden Masters, please visit the band’s Facebook page at

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