Monday, July 29, 2013

CD Review: New Jazz Music From Kneebody Toe "The Line"

From Concord Records comes the debut album from Kneebody, one of the  newest band's in electric jazz. The new album entitled "The Line" brings together all of the band's influences, which spans about fifty years of jazz music, and creates a unique sound that can't be described as new or even classic jazz.
Kneebody combine the big drum beats with some Miles Davis style trumpets on the opening song, "Lowell" to quickly show their new style of jazz. They head into a little more progressive, freeform territory on "Cha-Cha," but create a blasting backbeat on the up-tempo jam of "Trite." Kneebody slow the tempo down for a moment on the smooth mellow horns of "Sleeveless," before returning to the slightly chaotic "Still Play." The album finishes up with the energetic speed of "Work Hard, Play Hard, Towel Hard" and the exploratory R&B-flavored sounds of "Greenblatt."

Kneebody are heading to Japan for the first time in late-August for a show. To find out more from this new freeform jazz band, please visit

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