Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Bands The Trouble Starts And Emperors

Seattle band The Trouble Starts will be releasing their upcoming album, “East” on August 13 through Hello Tower Media. This is the first album by the band without front man Daniel G Harmann’s name at the beginning of it. As the Seattle area is the birthplace of grunge music, The Trouble Starts incorporates some of that raw, powerful guitar energy into their new album, beginning with “Glaciers.” The song has been picking up some spins on the local rock station (KEXP) and has a polished, garage rock sound like Radiohead, without all the experimentation. The Trouble Starts has a great straight-up rock sound with a hint of British punk as heard in “I Am Black Waves.” The rawness of their instrumentation gives the song “Kendrick” and early U2 sound, before the album closes with the big guitars of “Golden Silver.”

To find out more from this rising underground rock band, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/DGHandTTS.

Australian rock band, Emperors recently released their new album, “Stay Frosty” back in April through the Gun Fever record label. The band is riding on a high following an opening slot on the Big Day Out concert and a feature in Rolling Stone magazine. The also picked up the honor of iTunes “Single of the Week” and “Rock Song of the Year” for the lead track off the new album, “Be Ready When I Say Go.” The song as all the right ingredients for a rock radio hit, pounding drums, big guitars and powerful, Dave Grohl-like vocals. Emperors have a very polished grunge sound as heard in “I’m Not Dead” with the right balance of raw rocking guitars and a strong, memorable chorus.  Their music heads more into pop territory with “Plastic Guns,” before giving off a Weezer-vibe on “Witch.” They attack the song “Drug Mule” with grunge-like fury before closing the album with a return to the beginning with “Fight Me Back,” which follows the winning formula for another hit single.

To find out more about the Emperors, please visit the band’s Facebook page at facebook.com/emperorsnewband.

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