Saturday, July 27, 2013

CD Review: Portugal The Man Want To Introduce You To Their "Evil Friends"

American rockers Portugal The Man have returned with their eighth studio album (second for Atlantic Records) entitled "Evil Friends." The band have taken a huge step forward with their sound with the help of producer Danger Mouse. The album was released back at the beginning of June and debuted on the Billboard Album charts at #28, the band's highest ranking to date.
Right from the opening chords of "Plastic Soldiers" you feel like you are in for a wonderful listening experience and Portugal The Man do not disappoint. The five-minute song plays out like an epic storytelling masterpiece in the vein of Queen's "Bohemien Rhapsody." The album's first single, "Evil Friends" tip-toes around with its acoustic guitar backdrop that gets sped up to follow along with the dance beat that gives the song a modern rock edge. The big chorus of "Modern Jesus" and the pulsating drum beat with buzzing guitars of "Atomic Man" show a diversity in the band's sound and songwriting. The folk-rock storytelling of "Sea Of Air" has the perfect formula for a radio hit with its sing-along chorus and true-to-heart lyrics. The album finishes up with the keyboard drive "Purple Yellow Red And Blue" and the lonely acoustic feeling of "Smile" as piano take over to close out the song.
Portugal The Man have half-a-dozen shows lined-up over in Europe. To find out more about the band and their new album "Evil Friends," please visit

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