Thursday, July 11, 2013

CD Review: The World Finally Gets Introduced To The "Brasslands"

The new independent movie “Brasslands” tracks the worldwide Balkan brass movement that has swept over the globe. This movie documents the 50th anniversary of Guca’s brass music festival and competition. Musicians from all over the world flock to this location every year, along with millions of fans, to enjoy the music, dance and cuisine of the area. This film also showcases the first American brass band, Zlatne Uste to perform in the competition. 

The soundtrack to the movie features some of the greatest brass bands from around the world, including Veveritse, Raya Brass Band and Slavic Soul Party!, who created the mellow, rich theme of the movie, “Brasslands.” The soundtrack really picks up with the quick pace of “Demiranov Cocek” and the classic jazz sounds of “Boki 13.” Performer Veveritse showcase their big brass sound in “Mouser,” while Syversen, Geller, Godwin make the beats as important as the brass. The soundtrack closes with the Brasslands Big Band performing the gypsy horns of “Sukrjin.”

The “Brasslands” soundtrack will be released on July 13 through Evergreen Music and the movie will premiere on the same night at the Rooftop Films Summer Series in New York. For more information about the soundtrack, please visit To find out more about “Brasslands,” please visit

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