Thursday, August 29, 2013

CD Review: A Couple New Independent EPs From Overseas

The Swiss duo of Marc Dold and Judith Martin released their latest album as Aurah. The new six-song EP is entitled "Summon The Sky" takes you on a short journey through relaxation as the music and vocals become an escape from your worries.
The album leads off with an ambient cover of Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds" which puts your mind as ease as you float along to Judith's vocals. They follow that up with the beat-heavy "Take My Breath Away" and the organic sound of "Summon The Sky." Aurah have their most pop-influenced song with "Shine On," before closing the album with more of the relaxed acoustic sounds of "Pleasant Placidness."
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English electronic rockers Syndrome have also recently released their debut album, "Colorful Cows." The seven-song EP was released independently and tells the story of how life in London is in present day.
The band's heavy electronic sound of "Change" seems to pay tribute to the early experimental days of Devo. They get more atmospheric on the heavy rock of "Open The Gate," which the band pull off masterfully. They keep their rock edge going on "L.Q.C." and "Get My Words" before closing with their tribute to Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother" with "Colorful Cows."
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