Monday, August 19, 2013

CD Review: Indie Singer/Songwriters Give Us A Bright Future With New Music

Chicago singer/songwriter Elle Casazza recently released her debut EP entitled "For Your Pleasure." She personifies her influences, pulling from the styles of Billy Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Amy Winehouse.

The album's title song seems like it was plucked from a jazz club at the turn of the century, while "Foolish Ones" shows off her folk side and showcasing her diversity with the difference in her performances. You get a sense of fun and playfulness in Elle's voice in "Say Something" as she portrays as style that perfectly suits her voice. The album closes with the jazzy/pop of "Your Move" that would make her influences stand up and take notice of this new rising independent artist.

Elle Casazza has a couple of shows lined-up later in the month. For more information on Elle, please visit her website at
From New York comes another outstanding debut from singer/songwriter Rachel Ann Weiss. Her album "Dear Love" displays her wonderfully attractive smoldering vocals and her knack for writing powerfully appealing works of art.

The nine-song release starts off with the title-song that showcases her strong and sultry vocals. She picks up the tempo with the quick-step, Americana sound of "Rivermoon Romance," then changes gears to the smoky jazz of "Lonely." Her playfulness with the vocals of "Undercover Lover" and the gallop of "Maybe" shows an artist that sounds more mature that they would on their debut album. The album closes with the cool sounds of "Until I Meet My Next Love" that draws similarities to the debut of one Norah Jones.

Rachel Ann Weiss will be heading to the UK in September, but be sure to check out her new release "Dear Love." To find out more, please visit her website at
One last artist to be making an impact on the indie-music scene is Canadian folk/pop violist Eliza Moore. She returns to her solo roots with her latest EP "Everything To Me." The five-song release shows a more authentic side to her songwriting as she touches upon different aspects of life.

The first thing you notice is her voice as Eliza's high registry make the opening song, "Everything To Me," so light and airy. At times, her voice draws similarities to The Cranberries' Doloras O'Riordan in "My Longing Know You" and Tori Amos as in "Calls You Inside," but her performance on the violin gives a new look to pop music. Her album closes with "Shimmer" as she brings together all her talents to create a wonderful piece of music.

Eliza Moore is performing tonight in her home country before heading south for a few shows in New England. To find out more, please visit her website at

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