Friday, August 16, 2013

CD Review: Jazz Music Expands With Help From Sknail And Trance Lucid

From Switzerland comes the jazz composer Sknail with his latest release "Glitch Jazz," which is the perfect description of his music. Sknail called upon some of the top jazz session musicians to bring his creations to life. The difference with his interpretations is that he adds the rhythm of broken printers and other worn-out machinery to replace the drummer.
His three part introduction, "The Snail" begins with the mellow tones of piano and trumpet, but its when the band hits the second part is where you get to full appreciation of Sknail's ideas. The "bleeps" and "pops" are as much of a distraction as a welcoming experiment with sound. The next three part suite "The Brick" begins with an eerie overtone as the bass and saxophone lead you through all the sounds happening around. The extra "clicks" and "ticks" feel as if they belong, giving the listener a totally different feel to the smooth jazz music playing in the background. The last three part suite "The Razor" is the most experimental with its creation of rhythm and beats. You discover something new with each listen of the album.
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Also new on the jazz front is the latest release from progressive rock/jazz fusion band, Trance Lucid entitled "Palace Of Ether." The album was released back in June and it took the band over two years to make.
Ten of the album's fifteen songs make up the 32-minute suite "Palace Of Ether," but before that, we get the introduction of "TM" and the jammy, guitar-driven "Spyglass." Trance Lucid show off the progressive rock side on the Rush-like "Pocket," before adding a more jazzy tone to their sound in "The Crossing." They work  in the tempo changes with "Saints In Stone," then head into a more experimental space-rock direction with "Painted Dancer." You could almost hear what the lyrics would be saying in "Before The Idols" as the lead-guitar does the talking. The album closes with the open, airiness of the keyboard/guitar duet "Remembrance."
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