Monday, August 26, 2013

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Gives Us New Metal From Facebreaker And Shakhtyor

Metal Blade Records finishes the month of August with a couple of hard-hitting metal album from Sweden's Facebreaker and Germany's Shakhtyor. The new album, "Dedicated To The Flesh" from Facebreaker is the second new studio release on the band's independent label, Cyclone Empire.

The album features eleven songs death metal that do more that just pounded the music into your brain. The title-song showcases some great guitar-work from Mika Lagreen as Roberts Karlsson's vocals don't let you forget who you are listening to. The band blast away your eardrums with the machine gun drumming of Makael Wassholm on "Catacomb" and the buzzsaw guitar of Janne Ivarsson on "Zombie Flesh Cult." The metal groove of "Swarm of Zombies" relies heavily on the bass playing of Jonas Ivarsson as each member's talents give Facebreaker a sound that puts them up near the top of everyone's death metal list.

Facebreaker recently performed in Europe as part of the "Infecting Europe - Summer Breeze Open Air Festival." After a short break, look for Facebreaker to be hitting the road again in support of their new album "Dedicated To The Flesh." For more information, please visit
After four years of touring, German doom metal band Shakhyor are releasing their self-titled debut album. The four-song release shows a band that has been honing their skills on the road before putting together a quality album in the studio.

The album leads off with "E Jasper" as the music keeps changing with the tempo in order to keep the sound fresh. With a couple of the songs pushing pass the ten-minute mark, Shakhyor give their all to each performance with "Handschuhmann" becoming the highlight of the album.

This trio will be hitting the road in September with a few dates scattered over the course of the next two months. For more information, please visit the band's facebook page at

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