Friday, August 30, 2013

CD Review: The Mezmerists Unveil One Of Heavy Metal's Secret Bands

One of heavy metal's most well-kept secrets are the recordings of singer/guitarist Tommy Mezmercardo's band The Mezmerists. In the mid-eighties, the trio release two EP's that included some of the best metal songs of the eighties that nobody's ever heard. Most of the recordings were only given to friends of the band and were never widely released. Now Shadow Kingdom Records is releasing the seven-song album that combines both of the bands original EPs into one album entitled "The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty." The album will also be released with an accompanying DVD that tells the history of the band.
The album introduces you to the world of The Mezmerists with the short, spaced-out "The Forsaken." The songs "Dead Ones Cry No More," "Arabian Nights" and "Victim of Environmental Change," from the band's debut 1983 EP, include none other than Black Sabbath's Bill Ward on drums. The music is classic eighties metal, but Tommy Mezmercado's high-pitched vocals are not for everyone. If Tommy was ever to sing with the metal god, Rob Halford, fans would have a hard time choosing who was actually singing. The songs "Kingdom of the Dead," "No Family, No Friends" and "The Jam Song" from the 1985 EP shows a more mature sound to their metal, but carries that raw aggressive appeal.
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