Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CD Review: New Raw, Energetic Music From Indie-Rockers False-Heads And Strangefellas

From across the pond we get new music from the independent alternative rock band False-Heads. They recently self-released their second EP entitled "Tunnel Vision" and are looking to make an impact in their hometown of London.
The band's raw, garage-rock sound pays homage to the Seattle grunge scene with "Without A Doubt." The song sounds like it could have come from an early Nirvana demo tape. False-Heads show that they are just more than a bunch of musicians bashing away at their instruments. They add a little more structure to their song-writing on "Remedy" and on the album closer "Comfort Consumption."
The False-Heads have one show lined-up at the moment in their hometown of London. To find out more about this underground rock band, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FalseHeads.
Now for something a little closer to home, we get the new album from retro-sounding rockers Strangefellas. Based out of Springfield, MO, they released their second EP in as many months. The new album, "Bug Spray" features seven-songs of experimental garage-rock that brings you back to the early days of punk music.
The two-minute romp of "23:58" and its follow-up "Blindfold" show a spontaneity to their music, but the musicians keep the songs on track. They stick to what works for them as they channel Iggy Pop and the Stooges on "I Just Wanna Be Your Man," before branching out a little on the surf-guitar rock of the album closer "Space Blues."
To find out more about this indie, fuzz-rock band, please visit strangefellas.com.

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