Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CD Review: New Underground Releases From Seattle's Green Monkey Records

The underground Seattle music label Green Monkey Records recently released a couple of albums that you will not find at your typical music store. First up is the full-length debut album from The OF entitled "Oh It's The OF." This twelve-song release combines the musicianship of Medeski, Martin & Wood with the jamband rock of Widespread Panic. Their songs are like epic, instrumental stories that move past the nine-minute mark as in "Sodo Monkey Pt 2" and the fifteen-minute album closer "Mystic Fishstick." It's when OF adds vocals to the songs that they seem out of place alongside these great jamming pieces of music. The one song that hits the mark is the heavy classic rock groove of "Down In The Basement."
The other new release from Green Monkey Records is from King Country Queens and their album brings together twelve guitar-lead rockers that do not fit the Seattle music stereotype. The trio relies on a surf-guitar backdrop, adding the perfectly vocals to fit the sound as in "Kids On The Farm." As long as they keep the tempo up like in "Road Flower Blossom," their sound is very attractive, its when they slow down for "Kelp Whip" and "You Get The Fear" that they lose that extra adrenaline push that their sound needs. The album closes with the mellow "A Tide Of String" that allows for some great guitar soloing.
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