Sunday, August 18, 2013

CD Review: Over The Rhine Bring You To "The Edge Of The World" On Latest Double Album

Folk/Americana band Over The Rhine have been together now for over 20 years and have left their imprint on a number of record labels. Now the band are ready to release their fifteenth studio album, "Meet Me At The Edge Of The World." It is the band's second time collaborating with Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Henry and it their third release on Great Speckled Dog Records.
This new release comes as a double-album, featuring nineteen-songs that are played straight from the heart with each one as good or better than the song before. The one constant is the warm-tone of lead singer Karin Bergquist's voice, whether its on the gentle, country/folk of "Called Home" or the acoustic/electric stomp of "Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body," she leads the way with power and grace. The haunting tone of "All Of It Was Music" just paints a picture in your mind with the wonderful lyrics of the songwriting duo of Bergquiest and Linford Detweiler. The first disc closes with the breeziness of "Wait" as you feel Karin's soul spill out into the microphone.
The second disc begins with the husband and wife duo trading verses as a homage to their home state in "All Over Ohio." The duo continue to harmonize on "Earthbound Love Song," before Karin's voice leads you on a story in "Against The Grain." Over The Rhine add their special touch to The Band's classic "It Makes No Difference," keeping the song's original meaning in tack, while adding some more emotion to it. The second disc features a couple of quick, one-minute instrumentals ("Cuyahoga" and "Bird Of Ohio") which allows Linford to add some of his flavor to the album's overall appeal.
Over The Rhine are currently on tour, promoting the new album which will be released on September 3rd. To find out more about this amazing band and their new release, "Meet Me At The Edge Of The World," please visit

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