Thursday, September 5, 2013

CD Review: From North Of The Border Comes The "Sinister" Side Of Deathpoint

From Canada comes the next great metal import, Deathpoint. After signing with their new record label, Spread The Metal Records, in April of this year, the band are releasing their sophomore album, "Sinister" in October. The band's appeal is a brutal attack of the senses as their hardcore metal sound is exactly what the doctor called for.
The album starts off with the crunching guitars of "Between The Lines" as your eardrums gets abused by the heavy drumming and screaming metal vocals. Deathpoint keep up the attack with "For Your Eyes Only," before showcasing the album's "Top 20" single "Sinister." The song captures the perfect energy and aggression that the band are trying to portray with their brand of hardcore metal music. The head-banging beat of "Condemned To Suffer" and the speed metal assault of "Remission" proves that Deathpoint is a force to reckon with.
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