Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CD Review: From These Ruins And True North Come Out Blazing With New Music

Independent music comes rising to the top with a couple of high-powered rock releases. American metal band, From These Ruins are hitting the ground running with their debut EP, "Brotherhood." Their music is in constant rotation on over 50 Internet radio station and they are receiving positive feedback from many music critics.
The six-song album begins with the pounding drums and screaming vocals of "Biblicon," while the harmonizing chorus draws strong similarities to Linkin Park. Their aggressive sound comes pouring out with "Last Request" as From These Ruins find the perfect sound to make them metal masters. The EP finishes up with the dark, eerie sound of the title track as they hit that Zombie-esque metal groove and then showcase their power in the energetic "Temptation."
From These Ruins have half-a-dozen shows lined-up in their home state of Indiana. For more information, please visit the band's website at fromtheseruins.com.
From St. Louis comes the new punk band True North with their debut EP, "Hymns In Stereo," released through Zero Youth Records. The band recorded the album in just three days, capturing that raw, garage rock sound.
The eight-song EP is high octane with the energy flowing through the songs "Last Of Us" and "Auto Manifesto." Their sound is pure punk on "Candence" as they draw similarities to bands like Pennywise and Bouncing Souls. They hit their stride on the arena anthem rocker "Hymns In Stereo," performing at a lightning pace, before closing the album with the band stretching their sound to a more mainstream sound with "Shallow Pockets."
To find out more about this new underground punk band, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TrueNorthStLouis

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