Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CD Review: Headstones Combine "Love + Fury" On Newest Release

Canadian rockers Headstones will be releasing their first album of new material in over eleven years. The new release entitled "Love + Fury" will be available on September 24th through Frostbyte Records. It took the death of a founding member of the band to bring the music back.
The new eleven song release starts out with the wreck less aggression of "changemyways" as the band look to recapture their alternative punk sound. They hit the southern rock vibe on "laongwaytoneverland" then dive back the alternative grunge scene of the nineties with "farawayfromhere." Headstones speed things up for "dontfollowtheleader," before hitting the breaks for the acoustic "Astronaught," which has lead singer Hugh Dillon pulling off a perfect Eddie Vedder impersonation. They close out the album by blazing a trail of two-minute punk energy filled songs like "gobacktheotherway" and "outtamyleague."
To find out more about Headstones and their new album "Love + Fury," please visit headstonesband.com.

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