Monday, September 9, 2013

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Release New High Points For GWAR And TYR

Gore metal gods GWAR return with their first new album since the death of guitarist Cory Smoot. The new release entitled "Battle Maximus" will be released on September 17 through Metal Blade Records. The album has been a year-and-a-half in the making and shows new life in a band that has been around almost thirty years.
The album takes you on a wild ride with the thrash metal speed of "Madness At The Core Of Time" and the big banging guitars of "Bloodbath." Their music hits hard with "They Swallowed The Sun" and hits that perfect hardcore metal groove on "Torture." GWAR do not disappoint with the energetic machine-gun drumming of "I, Bonesnapper" and the theme-fueled, classic sound FX story of "Mr. Perfect." The album closes with the mainstream metal of "Fly Now" as this album is an instant classic.
GWAR are bringing "Battle Maximus" on the road, circling the U.S. and Canada over the course of the next couple months. For a complete list of live dates and for more information on the new album, please visit
Viking metal band TYR will be releasing their tenth studio album, "Valkyrja" on September 17th through Metal Blade Records. The new album tells the story of an anonymous Viking age warrior who leaves his woman and goes off to impress the Valkyrie on the battlefield so that she may bring him to Valhalla, or to F√≥lkvangr, the home of Freyja—the goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. The songs are very well crafted and filled with big drums and loud guitars.
The album starts off with "Blood Of Heroes," which introduces you to the story with hard-hitting music and outstanding metal vocals. The storied vocals of "Mare Of My Night" brings up memories of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with the band's intricate musicianship. The tempo slows for a moment for "The Lay Of Our Love" featuring Leaves' Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine joining lead singer Heri Joensen on vocals. The album picks up with intensity on the electrifying "Another Fallen Brother," and the power metal of "Gridavisan." The thirteen song album finishes up with the thrash metal sound of "Where Eagles Dare" and the much-welcomed, aggressive "Cemetery Gates."
TYR are on tour in Europe for the next couple of months. To find out more about their latest release "Valkyja," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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