Thursday, September 26, 2013

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Starts The Season Off With New Music

Metal Blade Records look to start the autumn season off with a trio of new releases, beginning with the third album from Swedish metal band In Solitude. Their latest release, titled "Sister," was recorded six months earlier and continues upon the success of its predicessor "The World. The Flesh. The Devil."
The album begins with the eerie acoustic sounds of "He Comes," followed by the band's signature classic metal approach to "Death Knows Where." The album plays host to a couple of songs that push past the seven-minute mark. First is the slow, doom metal of "A Buried Sun" that chugs along, while the album closer "Inmost Nigredo" simmers until the time is right to strike with wailing guitars and pounding drums.
In Solitude have filled their October calendar with a bunch of live shows, starting off at Irving Plaza in New York on October 8. For more information on the band and their latest release, "Sister," please visit
Also new from Metal Blade Records is the seventies metal sound of Horisont. Their latest release, "Time Warrior" continues to show that this band has the unique talent of capuring the early sound of metal and adding elements of today's hard rock.
Right from the opening duel guitar riffs of "Writing On The Wall," you get a sense that this album is special. Lead singer Axel Soderberg hits the high pitch on "Backstreet," while "She Cried Wolf" draws up similarities to early Judas Priest. The band get a little nostalgic on "Dodsdans," before closing with the atmosspheric rock of "All Things Must Come To An End, Pts. I & II."
Horisont are currently performing over in Europe. To find out more about this Swedish metal band, please visit their Faebook page at
A little closer to home, we get the latest release from Iron Man entitled "South Of The Earth." What started out as a Black Sabbath tribute band has grown into one of the primere doom metal bands on the planet. With the new addition of "Screaming Mad" Dee Calhoun on vocals, the band has been given new life with a more modern heavy metal sound.
The album starts off with the title-song as you get a little of everything, including blazing guitar solos, a sluging rhythm section and scream vocals. Guitarist Al Morris III peels off guitar licks like he's out to prove a point, especially in the aggressive attack of "The Worst And Longest Day." The album closes with the strong bass and drum groove of "In The Velvet Darkness" and the seven-minute build-up of "The Ballad Of Ray Garraty," which showcases some more exciting solos from Morris.
Iron Man are performing a couple of shows in the Baltimore, MD area in October. To find out more, please visit

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