Monday, September 30, 2013

CD Review: A New "Daybreak" Comes From Hudson Hank

From New York comes the all-new three piece alternative rock of Hudson Hank. Their debut album, "DayBreak" was released on September 17 through Laveta Music Group and produced by Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman. Singer/songwriter Sammy Oatts combines his career on Broadway as an orchestral musician with his love for rock and roll to create huge sounds and big instrumentation similar to recent newcomers .fun.
The ten-song album starts out with swooping string-arrangements as Oatts experiments with the vocals on "The Cut of Your Gibberish." Their tone gets somber on "Earthbone" and on the horn-fueled, Coldplay sounding "Breakfast Of Fools." The album comes to a haulting stop on the slow-pace of "New Year," before hitting the highlight of the album, the six-minute epic sounding "Daybreak, complete with full orchestration as Hudson Hank find the perfect combination of classical and rock music.
To find out more about this creative new band, please visit their website at

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