Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CD Review: New Singer/Songwriters Are Making Some Amazing New Music

Singer/songwriter Cecei is a well-traveled musician, moving from LA to Ft. Worth and before that, living in Hong Kong. They say that singers write their best music after facing a major crossroad in their life. This rings true on Cecei's new three-song EP about her break-up and her return to the U.S. after an 18-month engagement in Hong Kong.
Cecei pours her heart out on the Adele-sounding "Best Of Me" as she has you hanging on her every word. Her acoustic-folk storytelling side comes shining through on "City Boy," before finding her revenge on "The Reaping" as she lets her feelings fly on this beat-fueled tune of redemption.
Cecei's new EP is available now. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/Cecei.music.
Another fellow singer/songwriter, Scott Barken just released his second album entitled "Flightless Bird." After being a session musician for many of today's big singers and bands, he decided it was time to venture on his own. Last year he release his debut album, "Little Days" and wasn't done saying what he wanted to say, which brings us to his latest release.
His new nine-song album begins with the title song, "Flightless Bird" as you instantly notice how talented a guitarist and singer Barken is. His music is so smooth and free that you feel yourself getting lost in the moment within the songs "Bad Dreams" and "Gone Away." He gets jazzy on the adventures lyrics of "Leaving Here," while making the song so memorable with the repetitive chorus. The Cohen-esqe "Crank Radio" and the gentle album closer "Last First Love" shows us a musician that is one of the best kept secrets to come out of New York.
Scott Barken has a handful of dates scattered throughout the U.S. To find out more about his new album "Flightless Bird," please visit scottbarkanmusic.com.

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