Sunday, September 22, 2013

CD Review: The Smiths' Johnny Marr Follows "The Messenger" To Solo Success

English singer/songwriter/guitarist Johnny Marr is finally releasing his debut album at 49 years of age. As a former member of the alternative rock band The Smiths, Marr found success alongside fellow songwriter Morrissey before leaving the band in 1987 over personal and creative differences. For the next fifteen years Marr would be the "go to" guitarist for session work for the likes of Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads, Beck and Oasis. Marr was also involved with a couple other bands before deciding to record his debut solo album in 2012.
The twelve song release begins with the up-tempo guitar rocker "The Right Thing Right," which shows that Marr hasn't lost a step since his days with The Smiths. He continues to look to break down walls with the alternative punk style of "I Want The Heartbeat" and the big guitar riffs of the album's lead single "Upstarts." Marr finds that eighties underground sound with "The Messenger," then gets moody on the synthesizer-filled "Say Demesne." The album's latest single "New Town Velocity" is what fans were expecting from Marr's solo album, before closing with the aggressive guitar driven "World Starts Attack."
Johnny Marr is currently on tour in Europe before hitting the U.S. shores in November. To find out more about Johnny Marr and his newest album "The Messanger," please visit

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