Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Review: Even A Band's "Worst Gig" Makes For A Good Book

New from Sourcebooks is one of the most unique books about music that you will ever read over and over again. "The Worst Gig" by Jon Niccum is a first hand account by some of the biggest names in music on the worst live concerts that they can recall ever performing.
The book is a very easy read as Niccum gathers 14 years of interviews that allow the musicians to tell their story in their own words when asked "What is the worst show you've ever played?". The book is categorized in chapters like "Insane Fans," "Mother Nature's Wrath" and "It's All Good," which includes stories by John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Def Leppard, John Mayer, Tool and load of others. The musicians tend to look back and laugh, like Alice Cooper performing to a bunch of lackluster college students or Rush performing at the wrong type of gig for the wrong type of audience. With over 75 artists telling their side of the story, the book gets pretty interesting in finding out that not everything goes as planned.
At only 240 pages, the book is an easy read that doesn't require your full dedication as you can read and re-read chapters in very little time. The book is like a documentary without the cameras as you can picture the situations in your mind as the musicians describe some of their outrageous stories to you.
"The Worst Gig" was published at the beginning of October and more information on this book can be found at

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