Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CD Review: Feral Conservatives Take Their "Breaks" On The Road

From Virginia Beach comes the latest release from the independent rock band Feral Conservatives. Their latest self-released album, "Breaks And Mends" was originally released last year, but the band is finally bring their new music to the New England area with a mini seven-date tour.
The sound on this latest release has a very modern Americana sound as if Mumford & Sons were fronted by Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries. The album starts off with the uptempo, pop feel of "Control," before heading into a more experimental folk/rock sound on "Golden Coast." They come back to the gentle acoustics of "Brighter Dawn" and "Haven't Give Up," but seem like they want to rock as in "Friends Bail Always." Lead singer Rashie Rosenfarb proudly displays her vocal talents amongst a soft piano on "Captivated," before the album closes with the mainstream uptempo-pop of "Hourglass (Take The Time)."
The tour started on October 11th and runs through to the 21st, including a stop at The Room in Brookfield, CT. To find out more about this underground folk-rock band, please visit their facebook page at facebook.com/feralconservaties.

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