Thursday, October 10, 2013

CD Review: Indie-Rock Band 2 a.m. Orchestra Are "Working" With New Music

From New Zealand comes the independent, alternative rock band 2 a.m. Orchestra with their latest album "Working To Divide." Their sound has a very raw, garage rock feel with some great harmonies and catchy hooks.
The album starts out with the up-tempo, pop-punk of "Heads and Tails" and the slightly hectic "Ain't Got the Fight." They slow the tempo down for the more accessible mainstream music of "Believe In Me." The 2 a.m. Orchestra bring back the grunge of the nineties with "Six Lines of Ash" and "Have It Your Way," before trying out the folk-rock of "Fire Escape" and "Living Longer." The album closes with the band expanding on their sound with the nine-and-a-half minute epic "Working To Divide."
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