Monday, October 21, 2013

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Unleash New Music In October

October is the month to stock up on new releases, especially from Metal Blade Records, who have released four new releases in the last couple weeks. From the bone-crushing sound of Rivers of Nihil to the quickly rising Swedish metal band Noctum to the Viking metal of Ereb Altor, Metal Blade Records has some new music to please every metal genre.
American death metal band Rivers of Nihil released their debut album "The Conscious Seed of Light" on October 15. The band worked with famed metal master Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel) to bring together their raw sound and hone their brand of death metal. The machine gun drumming of "Rain Eater" and the tempo changes of "Soil & Seed" have Rivers of Nihil firing on all cylinders. The screaming vocals and screaming guitar solo of "Central Antheneum" are a perfect match, while the album closer "Airless" has the most appeal with the band locked-in on a thrash metal groove.
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Speaking of thrash metal, we get the debut release from the European thrash metal band Kill Division. Their album, "Destructive Force" was released on October 15. The band is not new to the genre, appearing in other forms as the three members have come from other metal bands, but feel refreshed by this new freedom. The album begins with that all-out assault of "Mechanic Domination" and speeds things up with "Fear of Life" before settling into the more thrash-friendly "Made Of Lies."
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Sticking with the new metal music coming from Europe, we get the latest release from Swedish rockers Noctum and their Metal Blade Records debut, "Final Sacrifice." They have dark, evil lyrics like early Black Sabbath, but with a more mainstream sound like Blue Oyster Cult. The song "Void Of Emptiness" features some great instrumentation, while "Liberty Of Death" shows the energy this band puts into their performances. The sound of Sabbath comes bleeding through on "Resurrected In Evil," before the band heads out on their epic journey with "Azoth."
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One final new release to discuss is the epic, Viking metal of Ereb Altor. Their latest release, "Fire Meets Ice," was released on October 15 and features music created to summon the Norse Gods. The nine-minute opener "Fire Meets Ice" brings the listener on a quest as the tempo changes keep things interesting. Erab Altor put the pedal to the metal on the speed drumming of "The Chosen Ones," but bring out the Viking lore in the follow-up song "Nifelheim." The album closes with the album's most accessible song for new fans with the chanting chorus of "The Deceiver Shall Repent."
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