Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CD Review: New Prog-Rock Music Goes For Days Between Stations

Progressive rock musicians Oscar Fuentes and Sepand Samzadeh have teamed-up once again to release the latest album from Days Between Stations. It has been five years since their debut album and this time they brought along some friends to create "In Extremis." Produced by Billy Sheerwood (Yes) the album includes guest spots from Tony Levin (King Crimson), Colin Moulding (XTC) Peter Banks (Yes) and Rick Wakeman (Yes).
The album begins with the introduction of "No Cause For Alarm," which ends way too early, but leads nicely into the Pink Floydian "In Utero." They turn on the electronics as Samzadeh and Fuentes trade solos at the beginning of the ten-minute "Visionary," which also features some lead vocals provided by Billy Sheerwood. Colin Moulding lends his vocals to the eighties pop sound of "The Man Who Died Two Times," before the band shows their full-potential on the prog-rock masterpiece "Eggshell Man." The album closes with the 21-minute, six-part suite of "In Extremes" that brings up the early progressive rock days of King Crimson and Genesis.
To find out more about this outstanding, unique album, please visit daysbetweenstations.com.

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